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NFL week 13 game picks, predictions, week 12 results

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Fresh off a successful week12 of picks, we move on to week 13. No one in the staff had less than an 11-5 record with Tyler and Asher leading the way at 14-2. That was because only one unanimous pick (Seattle) didn't live up to expectations, Tyler was the only one to correctly pick the Packers to win on Monday night, and Asher the only one to correctly pick the Chiefs to beat the Broncos -- which they pulled out in OT Sunday night.

This week's unanimous picks are the Cowboys, Packers, Patriots, Broncos, Washington, and Seahawks. No, the Raiders are not a unanimous pick this week with Asher taking the Bills for the upset.

Week 13 Marcus RDreamer Levi Tyler G Asher Jeff
Week 12 total 12-4 11-5 12-4 14-2 14-2 11-5
Overall record 109-66 109-66 107-68 106-69 103-72 101-74
Dallas at Minnesota DAL DAL DAL DAL DAL DAL
Miami at Baltimore BAL BAL BAL MIA BAL BAL
San Francisco at Chicago SF CHI SF CHI SF SF
Houston at Green Bay GB GB GB GB GB GB
Kansas City at Atlanta ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL KC
L.A. Rams at New England NE NE NE NE NE NE
Detroit at New Orleans NO DET DET NO NO DET
Philadelphia at Cincinnati CIN PHI PHI PHI PHI CIN
Denver at Jacksonville DEN DEN DEN DEN DEN DEN
Buffalo at Oakland OAK ??* OAK OAK BUF OAK
Tampa Bay at San Diego SD TB TB SD SD TB
Washington at Arizona WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS
N.Y. Giants at Pittsburgh PIT PIT NYG PIT PIT PIT
Carolina at Seattle SEA SEA SEA SEA SEA SEA
Indianapolis at N.Y. Jets IND IND IND IND NYJ NYJ

*RDreamer's pick the for the Raiders game will be revealed in his Friday Foretelling

The community also enjoyed a successful week, but yet again no one could best the staff best. Here is the leader board. To see all the community results, click here.

Week 12 Rank Team Name Week 12 total Overall Rank Name Wk 9 Wk 10 Wk 11 Wk 12 Total Pts
1 Harvey Williams' Neck 14 1 sacbomber03 9 8 11 13 116
2 20rcrow 14 2 Pricecube 10 6 9 13 115
3 RaiderSinn 14 3 Nubbin found an egg 10 10 8 13 115
4 Lizardking4371 14 4 Thexumaker 9 8 8 14 114
5 Thexumaker 14 5 LivingLegnd 9 9 12 13 114
6 slipkid33 14 6 blackvenom 12 5 9 13 114
7 uk_raider 14 7 Elk_hunter77 9 8 11 13 113