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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Cowboys vs. Vikings

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Watch tonight's game along with us!

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, Raider Nation! Tonight we can all get a good look at a team which simply isn't on prime time TV enough, the Dallas Cowboys. They continue their inevitable Bataan Death March toward the Super Bowl, and their next victim is the husk of the Minnesota Vikings.

Tonight we get to bear witness as the Vikings defense turns back into a pumpkin and Sam Bradford falls off the face of the Earth on live television. I have very little faith that this game will be close, but the Cowboys will probably toy with the Vikings just to mess with me.

This game will take place in Minnesota, so you will see a lot of people who are not actual Vikings pretend to be Vikings and so lots of silly war chants as if they were watching the Icelandic soccer team.

Tonight's game begins a 5:30 PM Pacific and can be streamed on CBS' brand new streaming platform here. Or you can use NBC's streaming page here.