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Updated NFL playoff picture: Broncos loss puts them two back in AFC West

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The result on Monday night could knock the Broncos out of the playoff picture.

With the Broncos falling 13-10 in Tennessee today, the playoff picture gets pretty interesting. Not only does it put the Broncos at 8-5 and two games back of the Raiders and Chiefs in the AFC West, but it puts them teetering in the playoff picture.

This is the AFC playoff picture as of right now:

1. Patriots 10-2 (AFC East)
2. Chiefs 10-3 (AFC West)
3. Steelers 8-5 (AFC North)
4. Texans 7-6 (AFC South)
5. Raiders 10-3 (Wild Card)
6. Broncos 8-5 (Wild Card)

A lot depends on what happens Monday night between the Ravens and Patriots.

The Steelers beat the Bills today to jump into the lead in the AFC North and the three seed at least for the next 24 hours or so. If the Patriots win Monday, the playoff picture remains as it is above. But if the Ravens beat the Pats, they would re-take their three seed standing and the Steelers would take over the six seed from the Broncos.