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Jack Del Rio: “angel in the outfield” knocked long pass down vs Chiefs

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“What. Was. That.”

That was my exact initial response when Derek Carr’s pass to a wide open Amari Cooper inexplicably fell incomplete right in front of him.

That seems to be the basic response still.

NBC was asked a couple times from different outlets if what happened on that play was the ball hitting the spider cam wire above the field and they said “No way.

Here is that play for those who are just coming out of a coma.

I joked that ghosts, a UFO, or sniper fire was as plausible a guess as any. Jack Del Rio was asked about it Monday and his guess was as good as any.

“The angel in the outfield,” said Del Rio. “I mean, it moved. I don’t know if it hit a wire or the angel in the outfield moved it, a gust of wind. I don’t know. It moved. To me, it was like one of so many plays that could have gone differently. I’m certainly not sitting here hung up on that play.”

I suppose that explanation would sit pretty well with Chiefs fans who think if God cares about football, he would be either for the Chiefs or at least against the Raiders. Who knows, though, it could have been a rogue angel or an archangel. Satan is a fallen angel, you know.

Let’s move on.