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Raiders WR Michael Crabtree dealing with similar finger injury as his quarterback

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Late in Thursday night’s game, Michael Crabtree ran to the sideline following a pass in which his defender was called for interference. He stood getting his left hand examined by trainers and spent some time out of the lineup before returning for the final play.

That wasn’t the first time Crabtree had run to the sideline to have his finger checked out. He first headed for the sideline last week against the Bills after a long pass in which he was double covered up the right sideline.

He already came into Thursday night’s game among the league leaders in dropped passes. He would drop two more in that game.

Jack Del Rio said Monday that Crabtree is dealing with a similar finger injury to what Derek Carr is dealing with

“I think he had a finger [injury],” said Del Rio. “Him and Derek [Carr] both had similar type of deals where the finger kind of bent the wrong way. Both of those guys are playing through it.”

Carr’s dislocated pinkie finger also only had him out one series, but the pain has had him unable to line up under center since then and has been sporting padding and tape around. I can’t imagine trying to catch an NFL pass with a finger that hurts bad enough to keep a quarterback from taking a snap directly from center.

Crabtree and Carr may be playing through it, but it clearly affected both of their abilities in the cold weather in Kansas City. You’d have to think it will continue to be a bit of an issue. The Raiders next play in cold weather in Denver in the season finale.