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Kidney stone is what kept Kelechi Osemele out Thursday night’s game in Kansas City

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The mysterious illness that cost Kelechi Osemele the Raiders crucial thursday night match-up with the Chiefs, and had him sent to the hospital was a kidney stone. That’s what the big left guard told reporters in the Raiders open locker room session Tuesday.

It was something the team didn’t see coming, and Jack Del Rio waiting until right up until just before game time to rule him out.

“We were hopeful up until the game,” Del Rio said Monday. “I have to submit a list right before I meet with the officials, an hour and a half before the game. We were kind of hopeful, but it wasn’t going to be a go. We kind of bought time and were hoping, but at the end of the day, it was pretty clear that he needed to stay out for that game.”

Filling in for Osemele at left guard was rookie seventh round pick Vadal Alexander with second year lineman Jon Feliciano rotating in on a couple series as well.

At the time, Osemele’s status was just that he had an illness. No one knew what was wrong with Osemele, so the speculation was flying. Kidney stones are no joke. They are quite painful.

It was unfortunate to have him out for such an important game, but the Raiders are lucky to have him back and ready for the for the three game stretch run. That starts in San Diego this Sunday.