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Polar opposite prime time performances jumps Tom Brady ahead of Derek Carr in ESPN panel MVP poll

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This time last week, Derek Carr was atop the MVP discussion. He had led the Raiders on a six-game winning streak heading into a huge Thursday Night match-up with the Chiefs that held the potential of locking up not only a playoff spot, but the division and a top seed.

Oh how fickle the NFL folks can be.

Carr then had the worst game of his career in a loss to the Chiefs. He had career lows in passing yards (117), completion percentage (41.46) and passer rating (49.1).

Days later, also in prime time, Tom Brady put on a show, throwing for 406 yards and 3 touchdowns to beat the Ravens on Monday night.

Now Brady, who missed the first four games of the season to his suspension from the Deflategate scandal, is looking like the favorite for MVP.

Brady received 7 first place votes and 4 second place votes from an ESPN panel MVP poll. The same poll that had Carr as the leading the vote tally last week with Brady in third behind Falcons QB Matt Ryan. Ryan also fell to the Chiefs by throwing two interceptions for scores to Eric Berry two Sundays ago.

Carr is still second in the poll with 2 first place votes and 12 top five votes.

Behind him, Matthew Stafford is creeping into the picture at third. Stafford has led the Lions on as many comebacks wins this season as Carr has led the Raiders. Carr will have to finish strong in the final three games to have any chance of overtaking Brady again and holding off Stafford.

Granted, this poll isn’t what decides the MVP race. But it would seem to be a pretty decent indicator of how these players will finish in the race.