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Saturday Night Football Open Thread: Dolphins vs. Jets

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Did anyone else know about this? Whose idea was this?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, Raider fans! Apparently, there is a game tonight. Here I was all footballed out from the college bowl games today, but now I see the NFL has butted itself into the schedule with an AFC East showdown in New York.

Miami would be the prohibitive favorite in this game, except Ryan Tannehill's leg fell off last week and they will be starting perennial backup Matt Moore, who can best be described as "okay".

The Jets are also down to a backup quarterback, but their starter isn't injured, he just sucks.Bryce Petty will be under center tonight or New York. If the Raiders have any rooting interest, it is most certainly with the Jets, as the Dolphins are still contending for a Wild Card spot. Miami will probably win by 30. The Jets are beyond awful.

Tonight's game at 5:20 Pacific will be on NFL Network, so the only legal ways to stream are through DirecTV and the Verizon NFL Mobile app.