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Raiders vs. Chargers Second Half Open Thread

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It's a tight game in San Diego as the Raiders look to make the playoffs.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders are having a bit of a sloppy game in San Diego in front of what amounts to a home game today, as they've turned the ball over twice deep in Chargers territory. Derek Carr is 11/15 for 108 yards with one pick and one touchdown, which came on the last Raiders play of the first half on a gorgeous fade to Michael Crabtree. The catch was initially ruled incomplete, but upon review the referee determined Crabtree had gotten both feet down inbounds. This allowed Oakland to tie the game up at ten points apiece and they will get the ball first to open the second half.

The Raider defense has, outside of one play, held Philip Rivers in check. They haven't been able to mount much pass rush, but Rivers is only 9/18 for 123 yards, which is well below what a casual observer might expect from him against a Raiders team with questions throughout the secondary.

Oakland has had success running the ball against the Chargers defense, but Joey Bosa is a load to handle at defensive end. We'll see which team can make the proper halftime adjustments and come away with the victory.

Go Raiders!