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Raiders vs Chargers week 14 offensive report card: Crabtree makes another huge catch

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Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't pretty, but a win's a win. In a stadium that was 80% filled with Raider fans, the Silver and Black narrowly escaped San Diego with a 19-16 victory over the Chargers to clinch a trip to the playoffs. How did the offense grade in the performance?

Pass Offense

Derek Carr had an average day leading the passing offense as he wasn't terrible, but also wasn't spectacular. Carr threw a redzone interception in the first half, and while it was a great defense play Carr should have thrown the ball much sooner. But he turned around and delivered a beautiful throw to Michael Crabtree with 30 seconds remaining in the half to give the Raiders their only touchdown on the day.

Michael Crabtree had a bad drop on third down to end the Raiders first drive, and Mychal Rivera also dropped a wide open pass. But after those two mishaps, the receivers did a solid job of hanging onto the ball. Crabtree made up for his drop with a great touchdown grab late in the first half. My one criticism is that Amari Cooper needs to be more involved in this offense as he is arguably their best offensive player, yet was held to just one reception.

The offensive line was also just average giving up two sacks, but Carr was also pressured more than usual. One play that really sticks out was when the Raiders had the ball on their three-yard line and decided to pass despite risking a safety. Carr had so much time to throw the ball which the offensive line deserves a lot of credit for.

Grade: B

Run Offense

This unit finished the game with 145 rushing yards averaging five yards per carry. On the surface, that looks excellent but a closer look shows this game wasn't as polished a performance as it seems. Latavius Murray fumbled twice, one of those killed a drive in which the Raiders were on the Chargers 10. Murray also had multiple chances to convert a third and one, including two runs on the Raiders one-yard line and he failed to convert each one.

Murray had a couple long runs throughout the game, but he consistently failed to come through when the offense needed a yard because he was dancing too much in the backfield instead of lowering his shoulder and powering through.

Grade: B-


Overall, Musgrave called a solid game and did a nice job of balancing both the rushing attack and passing game. It is not his fault that the Raiders turned the ball over twice in the redzone, and he can't control when wide-open receivers drop passes. The Silver and Black drove the ball well a majority of the game which is a credit to his play calling.

Grade: A

Overall Offensive Grade: B

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