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Pro Bowl 2017 rosters announcement tonight: TV schedule, format, rules

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As silly as it may be to announce the Pro Bowl rosters with two games remaining in the season, that’s how they do it. The announcement happens tonight.

Here are the announcement details:

Time: December 20, 5:00pm Pacific time (8pm ET)

TV channel: NFL Network

Online streaming:

Rules, format:

After a few years of experimenting with a fantasy draft, the NFL realized how the same thing most of us realized when they first announced the new format — that it was terrible.

It had teammates facing each other in the Pro Bowl and removed even the smallest reason for rooting for one side or the other to win an already rather pointless game.

So, they have gone back to the old AFC/NFC format. The two teams will include 88 players – 44 from the AFC and 44 from the NFC – are determined by the consensus votes of fans, players and coaches.

The one downside to the return to the old format is some players at some positions will be named to the Pro Bowl over other more deserving players based on which conference they play in. But if last year’s record number of alternates making the team, I don’t think that’s going to be a big issue. I suspect in the end all deserving players will have their shot.

Game details

Location: Orlando FL

Game time: January 29, 2017 5:00pm Pacific 8pm ET

TV channel: ESPN

Skills competitions added

In the week leading up to the Pro Bowl, they have added several skills competitions including dodgeball, power relay, precision passing, and best hands. Read more about the new skills competition here.