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Even with Raiders NFL best 7 Pro Bowlers, still a couple snubs

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Not every player fans think should be in the Pro Bowl will make the team. That’s just the way it works. Fans often have much higher opinions of their own team’s players than those on the outside. This year, it looks like the NFL was in agreement with a lot of Raiders fans, naming an NFL high 7 players to the Pro Bowl roster.

The Raiders even have 7 alternates. But even with all those Pro Bowlers there are a couple potential snubs. I see two.

CB David Amerson

The entire AFC Pro Bowl team at corner comes out of the West – Casey Hayward (Chargers), Marcus Peters (Chiefs), Aqib Talib (Broncos), and Chris Harris Jr (Broncos). No love for the Raiders starting corners, though.

Though Amerson has secured just two interceptions, he is third in the AFC with 18 passes defended. That’s more than the pair of Broncos corners Aqib Talib (15) and Chris Harris Jr (13), both of whom made the Pro Bowl. Amerson isn’t even among the alternates. Harris also has just 2 interceptions and Talib has 3.

Last season Amerson was second in the NFL with 29 passes defended and was still left off the team then too.

P Marquette King

King is an alternate, so he wasn’t left out altogether. He was left off the initial Pro Bowl roster in favor of Pat McAfee of the Colts – the one punter in the league who can match him in turnt. McAfee tops the league in punt average and net average. King is second in the AFC in punt average (47.8) and third in net average 41.3.

King is also third in the AFC in punts inside the 20 (28) and downed punts (12), both ahead of McAfee. No other punter in the AFC is top three in all of those categories.

See the Raiders Pro Bowlers and alternates here.