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Dischargers: Bolts game dropped by LA TV in favor of Raiders vs Colts

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The Chargers may be planning a move to Los Angeles next season, but for now they hold no claim over the region yet. Meanwhile the Raiders are still very popular in Southern California as evidenced by the blackout in San Diego when the Raiders were in town last Sunday.

Saturday, the Chargers take on the Browns. The CBS affiliate in Los Angeles is only allowed to carry one game on Saturday and that one is not their first choice. In the afternoon, the Raiders face the Colts.

This situation prompted the LA local CBS affiliate to get permission from the NFL to switch to showing the Raiders game in the afternoon as the LA Daily News is reporting.

Prior to receiving permission to make the switch, LA fans were faced with a day of truly miserable football. It was the Chargers vs Browns in the morning and the Rams vs 49ers in the afternoon. Four teams with a combined record of 10-46 — with half of those wins belonging to the cellar dwelling Chargers.

Now LA football fans will have the option of viewing watchable football featuring a playoff team vs a playoff hopeful. And the large Raider Nation presence there won’t have to head to a sports bar.