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Sebastian Janikowski won week 15 Clutch Player of the Week award

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Oh, by the way, Seabass won an award this week. As has been the case all season, when a Raiders player has been up for an award decided by fan vote, the Raiders player wins it.

Sebastian Janikowski was nominated for the Castrol Edge Clutch Player of the Week for his 44-yard game-winning field goal which capped off a 4 field goal game in a 19-16 win over the Chargers in San Diego. Janikowski had 12 of the Raiders 19 points including all of their second half points.

This makes the 7th time this season a Raiders player has won the Clutch Player of the Week award. Derek Carr has won the award four times this season, Amari Cooper has won it once, and Khalil Mack has won it once.