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Reggie Nelson earns half million in bonuses in week before Christmas

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You want a merry Christmas, just look at Raiders safety Reggie Nelson hauled in this week. Earlier this week Nelson was named to the 2017 Pro Bowl which earned him a $250K roster bonus. Then before half time of the game against the Colts in Oakland, he doubled it.

Nelson’s fifth interception was a big one not just for financial reasons. It came in the end zone on Andrew Luck to keep them out of the end zone. The Raiders took the ball and drove for a late first half touchdown to take a 19-7 lead into the half.

That brings the total of bonuses for Nelson in less than a week to a useful $500,000 big ones.

Nelson was signed by the Raiders this offseason to a 2-year deal that pays him $6 million this season. Make that $6.5 million.