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Matt McGloin says he’s “ready to go” as Raiders playoff fate now rests in his hands

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The playoff bound Raiders are now without the man who led them to their AFC West leading 12-3 record and in line for a top seed in the playoffs. Derek Carr went down in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s win over the Colts and will have surgery on his broken fibula that will have him out indefinitely. He will be forced to watch as his backup tries to keep this training chugging along.

Matt McGloin entered the game for Carr, going 2 for 3 for 29 yards, including the 19-yard completion to Amari Cooper to seal the 33-25 victory. He spoke after the game, where he says he’s “ready to go”

“I feel great,” McGloin continued. “It’s been great working with Derek the past few years and then working together and seeing what he’s done on the field and trying to learn from that.”

Matt McGloin has never lacked of confidence even if his on-field abilities haven’t always matched. He has always shown a lot of grit and determination, beating out several quarterback acquisitions over his four years in Oakland.

In the season before Carr was drafted and took over as the full time starter, McGloin started six games. He went 1-5 as a starter, but the team around him was not nearly as talented as this one.

In his six starts, McGloin threw for 1547 yards, 8 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.

McGloin will start in the season finale in Denver. How much importance that game will play in the Raiders playoff path will depend on the Broncos performance Sunday. The Broncos are in Kansas City. Should the Broncos beat the Chiefs, it would secure the AFC West for the Raiders, and a first round bye. If not, much could depend on McGloin to get the job done in the finale.