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Raiders will be looking to the Broncos to deliver the perfect Christmas gift

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Christmas Eve saw Raider Nation get the worst possible gift — Derek Carr’s broken fibula. Christmas day they will look to an unlikely source for their holiday cheer — the Denver Broncos.

Tonight at 5:30pm Pacific (8:30pm ET) on NBC the Broncos face off against the Chiefs in Kansas City. Should the Broncos win, the Raiders would be delivered the AFC West and a top seed in the playoffs. As painful as it was to lose Derek Carr on Christmas eve (quite literally for him), the Broncos could ease some of that pain by taking down the Chiefs.

Should the Chiefs win, the Raiders would head to Denver in the finale with the division hanging in the balance and Matt McGloin at quarterback. The Chiefs would face a 5-10 Chargers team that just handed the Browns their first win of the season.

If the Chiefs win out and the Raiders lose the finale, the two teams would both finish 12-4 with the Chiefs owning the tiebreaker by virtue of sweeping the Raiders in their season series.

Tonight’s game could mean the difference between the Raiders playing on the road in the opening wildcard weekend (likely in Houston) or getting a first round bye with a home playoff game in round two.

As difficult as it may be for Raiders fans to root for the Broncos, that’s just how it has to be.