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Boomer Esiason, Michael Irvin react as Derek Carr was wired for sound when he broke his leg

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Derek Carr was wired for sound during the Raiders’ week 16 game against the Colts last Saturday for Showtime’s Inside the NFL. As it happens, the result was picking up the audio of Carr at the moment he suffered a broken fibula.

Here twitter user @primetimeRYNE captured it.

As heard in the video, Derek Carr knew right away that his leg was broken, calling out “It’s broke” several times while gesturing for trainers.

Then while being helped off the field, he told backup quarterback, Matt McGloin, to “Finish it off, man.” McGloin said something to the effect ‘I got you’, to which Carr responded with a vote of confidence “I know you do.”

Upon Showtime’s airing of it, hosts Boomer Esiason and Michael Irvin reacted to it.

“What you saw there is the future of the Raiders,” Esiason said of Carr. “If I am a Raider fan, I am so jacked up about my future because of what Derek Carr is and how he communicates on the field and how he interacts with his teammates. He’s awesome. He’s awesome. Now, I am also brokenhearted that he’s not playing.”

“We just saw something very special right there,” Irvin added. “You have such an advantage if you have what we just saw…. You’re not just the quarterback of the football team. You’re not just a leader of that football team, but you’re the emotional leader of that football team. That’s what Derek Carr is.”

Carr will continue to be around, even though he will not be able to take the field. But the man who must now lead this team on the field and in the huddle is Matt McGloin. Phil Simms added his thoughts on McGloin.

“The best word to describe him, he’s tough, but he’s got that grit,” Simms said of McGloin. “And I’m telling you, I promise you, he thinks he is going to be every bit as good as Derek Carr. That’s the kind of mentality he has.”

If you missed it, here is a refresher with some highlights of Matt McGloin’s 2013 starts.

Then again, Esiason was not so positive about any team’s chances of beating the Patriots, who have the number one seed and look to be headed for home field advantage throughout. “I don’t see any team going into Gillette Stadium now and winning.” Esiason added.