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Raiders QB Matt McGloin explains why Twitter is one big block party for him

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I’m sure if Matt McGloin didn’t already have me blocked on Twitter, this article would probably do it. You see, McGloin has basically every member of the Raiders media blocked. He’s even blocked a considerable portion of Raider Nation on twitter.

Most Raiders beat writers have known for some time that he has all of us blocked. But this week, with Derek Carr’s injury and McGloin’s sudden ascension to starting quarterback for the Raiders, there were a lot of shocked fans and bloggers to discover his block party is pretty far-reaching.

In his first press conference since taking over as the starter, he was asked about his itchy block trigger.

“I’m not searching out people to block them on Twitter,” McGloin said. “I don’t sit there on my phone and do that, but I’ll be honest with you guys, if I’m reading and article and I come across somebody either with a sarcastic tweet or an article bashing the Oakland Raiders organization or bashing the guys in the locker room, I don’t want to read that stuff. That’s what gets people blocked on Twitter. It’s nothing personal. I just I don’t wanna read bad or negative things about this organization or about the guys in that locker room. That’s all.”

“I use Twitter and social media for news, to see what’s going on around the league and keep up to date with news. I don’t even really tweet. I retweet stuff sometimes, but I don’t…”

Clearly McGloin’s idea of ‘bashing’ is quite broad. It also seems counterproductive if he uses twitter for Raiders and NFL news to block all the sources of said news because they looked at him or the Raiders sideways once in a tweet or an article.