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Broncos to play both Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch vs Raiders

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With the Broncos out of the playoff race, they are looking toward the future in how they approach their final game against the Raiders Sunday. Obviously, they would like to win. But at the same time, head coach Gary Kubiak plans to give his rookie first round quarterback some reps to close out the season.

“I’m gonna play them both,” Gary Kubiak said of the Broncos quarterback situation Sunday vs the Raiders via the Denver Post.

“I think Trevor deserves to right to go back out there as the starter. He’s done a lot of good things this year. He’s a young player and needs to keep going. I want him to get the Kansas City taste out of his mouth. It was a tough outing. But also Paxton is going to play, so I’ll prepare them both and you’ll see them both in the game.”

That “Kansas City taste” is not BBQ. At least not the kind that comes with a tangy sauce and smoky flavoring. It was the Broncos being raked over hot coals for in a 33-10 rout that included a touchdown pass from nose tackle Dontari Poe just to drive the point home.

From the sounds of it, Seimian will be given a few series to try and go out on a positive note before we see a good amount of Lynch.

“We want Paxton to leave the season with a few more snaps under his belt,” said Kubiak. “That’s our approach.”

“I [am] more excited than anything to get the opportunity to play again,” said Lynch. “The coaches make the decision on who starts and who plays. I’m just happy to get out there and get some playing time and get some reps with those ones.”

It’s difficult to say how much this favors the Raiders, if at all. Siemian has played terribly of late and he was the QB when the Raiders dominated the Broncos in their meeting earlier this season. Lynch may be a rookie, but not having a lot of tape on him is to the Broncos’ advantage as well as forcing the Raiders to prepare for two quarterbacks.

It doesn’t mean the Broncos won’t be trying to win. This rivalry and their pride is too important to just treat this game like a preseason match-up.

“We want to win the game, so that’s the big goal for me,” Lynch continued. “If we’re winning, I want to keep the lead and win the game and if not, I wanna win the game.”

We’ll see if any other positions on the Broncos see a similar carousel.