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Raiders OC Bill Musgrave expects “seamless” transition to Matt McGloin “He belongs here”

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Ready or not, the Raiders will have a new quarterback this week. Long time Raiders backup Matt McGloin steps up for the injured Derek Carr as the team heads to Denver in a crucial season finale.

Having your quarterback go down with an injury and a backup enter the game cold is not ideal. This will be the first time since Derek Carr became the team’s pick at 36 overall in the 2014 draft that McGloin will have the week to prepare as the starter.

It’s a process which Bill Musgrave said is “Distinctly different” than entering a game as the backup, adding that as a starter through the week “You prepare and can anticipate the entire game evolving in front of you. It’s a different mindset.”

It’s a great opportunity for [McGloin]. Even as a backup, you definitely have the butterflies. You prepare like you’re playing, and then a lot of times you don’t get to exercise those butterflies on game day. This week, he’s going to get to. He’s going to get a chance to go out there and cut it loose and immerse himself in the ball game, which is really what all players live for.”

McGloin said this week that he and his receivers will be getting together for extra reps to develop their timing and chemistry. The other group with whom a quarterback must develop a familiarity is his offensive line. Most notably his center.

Rodney Hudson has been with the team the past two seasons, so Musgrave sees no need for any increased time together between he and McGloin in order to get on the same page.

“Matt is in all of the meetings. Matt goes through all of the simulations that we do and the meetings on the field, the standup meetings, the sit-down meetings,” said Musgrave. “He and Rodney already have a super rapport, just as Derek has with Rodney, too. It should be seamless, fortunately.”

McGloin has bided his time for his opportunity since starting six games as a rookie in 2013. In the past two seasons, Musgrave has developed the same respect for McGloin’s game that the previous coaching staff had.

Describing the former tryout player turned four-year veteran as “fiery, passionate, competitive, can really throw. Sees things before they happen. Great instincts – he’s played a lot of football. He belongs here. We’re glad he’s part of our team for sure.”