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Sunday Night Football Game Time Open Thread: Panthers vs. Seahawks

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Let's watch these two NFC teams slog their way through 60 minutes!

Well everybody's heard, about the bird.
Well everybody's heard, about the bird.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Greetings, Raider Nation! The Raiders did it again, coming back in the second half from a monstrous deficit to win ye another game and reclaim the number one seed in the AFC playoff standings! Oakland really stepped up on the defensive end after looking lost for much of the first three quarters.

But the day is not yet done, as we have one more game to go tonight. This is a game that, I'm sure, looked really good on paper before the season began. Seattle vs. Carolina is a matchup between two playoff teams from last season, but Carolina hasn't been able to stop the bleeding after a heartbreaking loss to Denver in Week 1. They also totally collapsed against the Raiders last week. Can they get their act together against a team with no viable offensive line, or will Russell Wilson shred them to tiny bits?

We'll find out soon. The game begins at 5:20 Pacific on NBC and you can stream it live here.