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Monday Night Football Game Time Open Thread: Colts vs. Jets

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Watch tonight's game along with us!

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, Raider Nation! As we bask in the glow of the Raiders' glorious and improbable win over the Bills on Sunday, there remains one game left in Week 13. The Colts and Jets are playing tonight at 5:30 Pacific on ESPN. While the Colts are still in the running for the first-round playoff exit known as the AFC South title, the Jets are DOA and are looking at a top-five draft pick next April.

Maybe this game looked better before the season started? Andrew Luck should be playing tonight, which is probably a bad idea for him because his offensive line couldn't block a Jenga set. The Jets are a mess but, since they are in New York it's always a good idea to get them on in prime time for those sweet, sweet major market ratings.

Hide the women and children, this one's going to get ugly. The Jets are all defense with a quarterback who plays like he has gout, while the Colts can't run the ball and haven't played defense since Gino Marchetti suited up for the blue and white. This will make 49ers vs. Bears look like the 1999 Rams vs. the 2007 Patriots. God save us all.