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Rival Report 12/7: Chargers in talks with LA Coliseum for potential 2017 relocation

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Could the LA Coliseum end up being the temporary home for a 2nd team along with the Los Angeles Rams? That seems likely to be the case considering the San Diego Chargers are in talks with them to negotiate a new lease with their stadium commision. The current deadline for the Chargers to decide to relocate to Los Angeles is January 15th, and if they exercise that option they would need to have a temporary location for next season.

I would actually argue that it makes more sense for the Chargers to stay in San Diego for another year because the modern marvel stadium that the Rams and Stan Kroenke are building won't be ready until 2019 anyway. Dean Spanos seems like he legitimately would rather get a new stadium in San Diego over joining the Rams as well, so why not wait one more year to see if any new prospects arise in the mean time?

However, "sources" have informed ESPN's Jim Trotter that it would take a miracle at this point for the team not to exercise their option to move to LA in 2017. Dean Spanos is publicly stating that no decision has been made as of yet, but it is unlikely he would say otherwise and risk the fans ire for the rest of the season by confirming the relocation news.

There is a financial motive to get the deal done now instead of later as well, because Stan Kroenke can not begin selling Personal Seating Licenses until he knows whether or not another team will be a part of the PSL's. Waiting out another year and costing Stan Kroenke money in the process wouldn't be the best start to the new partnership between Spanos and Kroenke.

Whether the Chargers move or not though, they still need to be prepared for the possibility of doing so. That's why these negotations with the LA Coliseum need to be done now and not later either way. It does appear increasingly more likely that the Chargers will indeed be moving to LA sooner rather than later though, so these negotiations are being done in earnest. At least that is what the people at the Coliseum are saying.

"In light of the vote of the people of San Diego, it's back on the table in earnest," L.A. Coliseum Commission President Mark Ridley-Thomas told the USA Today. "So the appropriate amount of due diligence continues to be done, and we will see if in fact we can strike a deal."

Ridley-Thomas went on to say that the commision is in position to be able to move quickly if need be. If the sources are to be believed that is important because it's only a matter of time before their services will be needed. Then again, we could all still be being duped and the Chargers could come up with a miracle to stay in San Diego anyway.

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