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What Raiders, Chiefs will be wearing for ‘Color Rush’ tonight

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Some of you may have forgotten by now that the Raiders and Chiefs will be wearing Color Rush jerseys tonight. Others may have wanted a refresher as to what exactly those uniforms will look like. Here you go.

The Raiders are not one to deviate from tradition, so the concept of a change for ‘Color Rush’ wasn’t welcomed by many. So, they didn’t. Instead of never-before-seen all-one-color uniforms, they are going with a throwback style with white top, silver numbers with black outline, and silver pants.

Update: When the uniforms were first announced, the photos sure looked like they were in all white, but I was corrected by a Raiders official who told me the pants were actually silver. I gotta say, if those pants were silver, it was the whitest silver I ever saw.

Raider color rush

This style is similar to the Raiders’ classic away jerseys of the early 70s

As for the Chiefs, they will go more with the real Color Rush concept, with red tops and red pants.

Chiefs Color Rush

Finally we have an answer to the eternal question "What’s black and white (and silver) and red all over? Why, it’s the Raiders vs Chiefs Color Rush jerseys on Thursday Night Football.

Raiders Chiefs Color Rush