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Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs 1st half summary, 2nd half open thread

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Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It's a very cold night in Kansas City but the game must go on, and go on it must with the Oakland Raiders receiving the opening kickoff. Unfortunately, they did not get a first down though so it was a quick Marquette King punt. The punt went a lot better than the drive did because the Chiefs star rookie Tyreek Hill muffed the kick and the Raiders recovered it at their own 38.

They almost gave it back just a few plays later when it looked as though Amari Cooper had fumbled the ball and the Chiefs had recovered. The refs initially called the play as a turnover however after replay it was revealed that Cooper never got full control of the ball and the Raiders ended up getting to keep possession after all. The 3rd down play after that was a dud so out came Sebastian Janikowski to make the score 3-0 Oakland with a 44 yard field goal.

It looked as though the Raiders defense was going to come up with a big 3 and out when the Chiefs struck deep on a 3rd and 10 play. The 39 yard pass got the Chiefs down to the Raiders 36 yard line but they would only manage to get 9 more yards after that in 4 plays. It was 4 plays because they went for it on 4th and 1 and the Raiders defense came up with the big stop on the run up the middle for a turnover of downs.

Oakland wasn't able to capitalize on the turnover on downs though, in fact neither team accomplished much for quite a bit with 3 failed drives in a row before the action started up again. Sadly, it was the Chiefs with the action packed drive to break the slump. They dominated the Raiders defense and scored on a 36 yard touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill. The scoring drive covered 70 yards in just 5 plays and made the score 7-3 KC at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

The Raiders response to the Chiefs score left much to be desired, they failed to get a first down after a Michael Crabtree drop on 2nd down and then Carr ran out of bounds a yard short of the first down on 3rd down. Just like that the Chiefs had the ball again, and once again the Raiders defense had no answers. Again they had several big pass plays before their touchdown came on a 6 yard Spencer Ware run to make the score 14-3 Chiefs.

It got worse after that, the Raiders offense continued to be absolutely terrible. They failed to get a first down yet again, and punted. The punt was ok, except for a Raiders player being called for a penalty and the Chiefs decided to make them kick again. This time Tyreek Hill took the punt and bursted past the entire Raiders team on his way for a 78 yard punt return touchdown. That made the score 21-3 and honestly the game hasn't even been as close as even that score.

Tyreek Hill's punt return finally woke the Raiders offense up a little bit because they had their first good drive of the entire game. They used Latavius Murray heavily and completed some nice passes on the drive too on their way to a 1 yard touchdown run just before the end of the half. The powerful touchdown run was originally ruled short but was overturned upon the booth's review and made the score 21-10.

There was only 14 seconds left in the half after the Raiders score but they still had to kick off to Tyreek Hill. There was no big return this time though and the Chiefs then ran the final seconds of the clock out. The Raiders will be kicking off to begin the 2nd half.