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Raiders-Chiefs: 4 Winners, 4 Losers

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Who came out strong and who was weak in tonight's game?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that game sucked. Two of Oakland;'s three losses have now come against the Kansas City Chiefs, and that couldn't possibly put the Raiders in a worse position. They completely failed on offense tonight after being given chance after chance by their defense, which is a total juxtaposition from how their games usually go. Let's take a look at tonight's winners and losers.


1) Khalil Mack

Once again, Mack got a strip-sack and that makes three games in a row with one of those. Mack played well against former first overall pick Eric Fisher and made Alex Smith look like an idiot early in the third quarter when he batted the ball out of Smith's hands. Mack is the clear favorite for Defensive Player of the Year.

2) Latavius Murray

Murray had a great game tonight even without the aid of Kelechi Osemele, who missed the game with illness. Murray scored the Raiders' only touchdown of the game and had 103 yards rushing as the KC defense played mostly with two deep safeties.

3) Tyreek Hill

Once again, Hill scores a special teams touchdown. I'm guessing the Raiders forgot about him entirely in their game planning. Turns out he's pretty good. When are the Raiders going to have a decent return guy like this? Hill also scored a touchdown through the air, Alex Smith's only one of the night.

4) All the trolls who came to visit us this week

They were right and we were wrong. Everything they said was true, and we need to eat our crow in silence. The Raiders screwed up so badly tonight it's a wonder they've gotten this far. The Chiefs will probably have a home playoff game now, which they'll lose to the Ravens or something.


1) Derek Carr

Wow, this was the worst game I've ever seen Carr play. Every pass I saw him throw was inaccurate and sloppy. It's a wonder he completed any of them. Carr was absolute garbage tonight when even a mediocre effort would have won this game. He actively hurt the team being out there. A hurt finger plus cold plus no Kelechi Osemele equals Carr looking like Blake Bortles. I could go on and on about how awful Derek Carr was, but I won't because you all saw it. Hopefully he gets his act together for the next game.

2) KC's second half offense

Oakland's defense in the second half was as good as I've seen it in recent years. The Chiefs could do nothing whatsoever against it. They had a few good plays here and there but Oakland's secondary was on lockdown mode and their run defense was good. The Chiefs could get nothing done offensively after the half, and had to rely on Oakland screwing up repeatedly to win.

3) Austin Howard

He couldn't deal with Justin Houston tonight. Not a lot of people can, but Howard is clearly the overall weak link in Oakland's line as the other four players are Pro Bowl contenders. The Raiders should look to shore up their right tackle position if Menelik Watson can't take it over.

4) The Raiders' first round bye hopes

The Chiefs' remaining schedule is pillow-soft and they will likely win out. The Raiders had chance after chance to win this game and blew it in spectacular fashion. They'll probably end up with the fifth seed now, which means a trip to whatever chump team wins the AFC South. They absolutely have to beat the Colts and Chargers or risk missing the playoffs altogether.