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Raiders vs Chiefs week 14 report card: Offense freezes up

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In what very well could have been the most meaningful game the Raiders had played since 2002, the offense which has been lights out all season, was instead lit up. How did the unit fare in the 13-21 loss to the Chiefs?

Passing Offense

Entering the game as a front-runner for the MVP of the league, this was supposed to be the game that Derek Carr solidified his status. Instead, it was apparent Carr wasn't himself and it is quite likely the 20-degree night weather, wind chill, and his dislocated finger played into his poor play. While he didn't throw any interceptions, Carr's accuracy was poor all night, as was his decision making as he checked it down multiple times on third and long. At the end of the game on third and one, Carr threw back to back fades to Andre Holmes and Seth Roberts. Both fell incomplete, game over.

The receivers also struggled to hang onto passes. Seth Roberts finished the game with just two catches on nine targets for 12 yards. Amari Cooper somehow on what would have been an easy walk in touchdown, lost the ball and it fell incomplete three yards in front of him. Michael Crabtree who has caught just about everything this season also added to the drop party.

Kelechi Osemele was ruled out with an undisclosed illness 90 minutes before kickoff, and it showed as this offensive line put up one of their worst performances on the year. While Carr was already struggling to begin with, it didn't help he was constantly pressured by the Chiefs front-seven. While the Raiders only gave up one sack, Carr was running for his life the entire game and it threw off the timing of the offense.

Grade: F

Running Offense

If there was one bright to the offense, it was the rushing attack as the Raiders put up a solid game on the ground running for 135 yards (4.4 yards per carry) and a touchdown. Latavius Murray and Jalen Richard carried this team as the Raiders were only able to muster 117 passing yards.

With Kelechi Osemele out, the Raiders focused running to the right side behind Rodney Hudson and Gabe Jackson and it worked for the most part. Against a star-studded defensive front, Oakland found the majority of their success rushing the ball despite missing their top offensive lineman.

Grade: A


Bill Musgrave has been awesome as the offensive coordinator, his brain just missed the flight to Kansas City. I lost count of the amount of times on third and long when the Raiders just checked it down either for an incompletion or a three yards gain. And then with the game on the line in a third and one situation, the Raiders threw two long fades and both fell incomplete. I would have partially understood if those balls had been thrown to Amari Cooper or Michael Crabtree, but in the biggest moment of the game those passes were thrown to Seth Roberts and Andre Holmes.

The one coaching decision that saves his grade from an F was running the ball primarily to the right side with Kelechi Osemele out.

Grade: D

Overall Offensive Grade: D

This team left so many opportunities and missed points on the field it was unbelievable. The defense forced consecutive turnovers inside the Chiefs 20 yard line, and the Raiders were only able to come away with 3 points.

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