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Updated NFL playoff picture: Loss to Chiefs sends Raiders tumbling in seedings

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24 hours ago the Raiders had the number one seed in the AFC and were in control of their own destiny to keep it. Then they faced the Chiefs in their biggest game in a generation and lost. The loss give the Raiders and Chiefs both a 10-3 record. And with the Chiefs sweeping them (again) they hold the tiebreaker.

Along with taking the top spot in the division, the Chiefs now hold the two seed which means should they win their final three games, they would have a first round bye regardless of what the Raiders do.

Meanwhile the Raiders fall all the way to the fifth seed and in line for a wildcard.

1. Patriots (AFC East)
2. Chiefs (AFC West)
3. Ravens (AFC North)
4. Texans (AFC South)
5. Raiders (Wild Card)
6. Broncos (Wild Card)

They will remain a game ahead of the Broncos in the division even if the Broncos win in Tennessee Sunday. And nothing that happens on Sunday will change the Raiders’ seeding.

For the Raiders to move back into a top seed they will need the Chiefs to lose one of their final games. They face the Titans and Broncos at home over the next two weeks, and finish the season in San Diego.