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NFL Salary Cap 2016: Raiders again with among most cap space in NFL

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For the third straight season the Raiders are heading into the offseason with among the most available cap space. According to projections, the Raiders are expected to have among the most cap space again this year.

Here is how the top five in cap space lays out currently according to

Jaguars - $76.6 million

Raiders - $67.9 million

49ers - $53.6 million

Bears - $52.6 million

Buccaneers - $47.6 million

The Raiders' $67.9 million cap space projection includes an estimated $13 million in roll over cap space from 2015. If you would like more perspective on how cap space that is compared to the rest of the league, it's more than double the Bengals ($33.9 million) who sit with the 8th most cap space in the NFL.

The Jaguars have more money invested in their 2016 roster, but also have a lot more roll over ($33 million) to work with which puts them ahead of the Raiders.

These estimations also set the salary cap at $150 million which, with the $13 million added, puts the Raiders' adjusted cap at $163 million for next season.

While the salary cap number has not yet been announced by the NFL, it is expected to be between $150 million and $154 million.

Should the figure be $154 million, the Raiders would still be second behind the Jags, but their available cap space would rise to around $72 million with the Jaguars jumping to around $80 million.

If you add the expected cut of linebacker Curtis Lofton -- another $5.5 million to their cap space - it would bring the Raiders' cap space to as much as over $77 million. That would still have them second to the Jaguars, but not by much.

Other potential cuts could balloon their cap space to as much as $84 million - a ridiculous figure and far and away the most in the league.

Last year, when they had at one time over $60 million in cap space, they went on a spending spree, signing the likes of Rodney Hudson, Dan Williams, Malcolm Smith, Lee Smith, Nate Allen, Roy Helu Jr, Curtis Lofton, Michael Crabtree, among others. They were also major players in many other top free agents on the market.

We still do not have an official 2016 salary cap amount. That number is expected to be released in early March, at which time a more exact cap figure will be known.

One thing is for certain, however, the Raiders are once again flush with cash to spend and due to the cap floor rules, they must do their best to use it. That means another offseason in which the Raiders spend, spend, spend.