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Two days after being released by Raiders, Nate Allen re-signed

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Thursday the Raiders announced they have re-signed safety Nate Allen. This move comes just two days after the team had released him following an injury-plagued season that had him miss 11 of the team's 16 games.

Allen was released just prior to being due $4.9 million in guaranteed money on his original 4-year, $23 million deal he had signed during the 2015 offseason. That money would have been fully guaranteed. And after missing so much time to injury, and not being a major factor when he was healthy, the team was unwilling to be saddled with that kind of guaranteed money.

Contract details were not immediately disclosed, though one would assume it's far more incentive based and would leave a lot of dead money behind should Allen be cut prior to the start of the regular season.

For what it's worth, Allen had signed a one-year deal to remain in Philadelphia prior to the 2014 season. He had a career year that season which earned him his long term deal with the Raiders.