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Raiders will not raise season ticket prices for 11th straight season

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Brian Bahr/Getty Images

As part of the Raiders' announcement that they will be signing a one-year lease extension Thursday, it was also announced they will once again not raise ticket prices. This is the 11th straight season the Raiders have not raised their ticket prices.

Season ticket packages will start at $225 which equals out to $25 per game. The team will play two preseason home games and 7 regular season home games in Oakland with one of their regular season home games being played in Mexico City on November 21 against the Houston Texans.

"Despite the increase in costs due to the lease terms, we will not be raising the price of season tickets per game for our season ticket holders. They're loyal and passionate. In Oakland there will be a $25 season ticket for nine games in the third deck which is probably one of the greatest values in sports. And we're looking forward to this coming season and hopefully the only added cost will be two home [post]season games that we may earn this season."

Those tickets will not include Mt Davis as it will once again be tarped over this season.

For more information or to purchase season tickets, click here.