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Nate Allen new Raiders contract details reveals one-year 'prove it' deal

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This week Nate Allen was released by the Raiders just prior to his $4.9 million guarantee kicked in on his contract. He was then re-signed two days later. No contract details were immediately known, but based on various factors, I suspected it would be a one-year, incentive-laden deal. As it turns out, that's just what it was, according to ESPN's Field Yates.

For Allen's part, returning on a one-year deal is just what he did with the Eagle prior to the 2014 season after not receiving any long term offers on the market. He had a career year that season and it earned him a long term deal from the Raiders -- a 4-year, $23 million contract. That was considered by many to be a pretty rich contract for a player who had only performed for one season at a level worthy of near $6 million per season.

That contract had much of his guarantees due in his second season and after being out on injured reserve for 11 games, it was a risk the Raiders weren't willing to take.

The Raiders get Allen back without a long term commitment, and are only on the hook for $1.85 million in guaranteed money. Allen gets $2 million in incentives which could ultimately pay him what he was scheduled to make this season on his previous contract. And if he were able to earn those incentives, he could also earn another long term deal, either in Oakland or elsewhere.