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2016 Franchise Tag window opens: Projected tag numbers, types of tags

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all, hope everyone had a great Valentines Day/Presidents Day weekend. I know I did, but the weekend is done and it's time to talk Franchise tags. The window for teams to tag plays opens today. There are several players who are expected to be tagged during this two-week window which ends March 1.

There are three types of tags that can be handed out during this time:

1. Exclusive-rights franchise tags

This keeps the player under contract for the upcoming season without other teams being able to make an offer. Here are this year's Exclusive-rights Franchise Tag Projections as compiled by ESPN's Kevin Seifert and based on a $154 million salary cap projection:

Quarterback $19.8M
Defensive End $15.5M
Cornerback $14.8M
Wide Receiver $14.5M
Linebacker $14.1M
Offensive Line $13.7M
Defensive Tackle $13.4M
Running Back $11.8M
Safety $10.7M
Tight End $9.1M
Punter/Kicker $4.5M

2. Nonexclusive Franchise Tag

Allows the player to sign an offer sheet with another team. Should the original team opt not to match that offer, they would receive two first round draft picks in return.

3. Transition tag

Allows the player to sign an offer sheet with another team with the original team having the opportunity to match it. Should they opt not to match it (or be unable to match it) the player would be signed away with the original team receiving no compensation.