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Rams release Chris Long: Should Raiders sign son of Howie?

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Friday the Rams released three players -- defensive end Chris Long, middle linebacker James Laurinitis, and tight end Jared Cook. The releases were cap casualties and save the Rams some $22 million. At least one of those players should be very intriguing for the Raiders. And he would put a familiar name and face back in black -- Long.

Chris Long gets his release just after his team relocated to the city where his dad played pro ball. And with that, the team upon which his dad had his Hall of Fame career needs to make a strong push to put a Long pass rusher in Silver & Black once again.

Long has had a couple of down seasons the past couple of years, with some of that being due to injury. When he was at his best from 2010-13 he was one of the NFL's elite pass rushers, averaging double digit sacks and didn't miss a game during that 4-year period.

At nearly 31 years old, he has at least a short contract left in him to come in as a veteran pass rusher much as Justin Tuck did two seasons ago. He would offer at very least a rotational pass rush rusher and insurance plan should Mario Edwards Jr's neck turn out to be a serious issue. At most, he could return to his form of 2013 and keep the Raiders from missing a beat with Tuck's retirement.

Unlike players who are set to become free agents, Long was cut which means he can sign anywhere right now. And it's a short plane flight from LA to Oakland.