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2016 NFL mock draft database pie charts: Who do experts have Raiders taking?

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We have a mock draft database put together here at Silver & Black Pride. But for those who prefer pictures to lists, this is for you. A handy dandy updating pie chart which tracks which prospects are being projected to be drafted by the Raiders from the various draft sites and sources.

Here is that pie chart as of now:

This chart is color coded to show which players are the most projected. As you might expect, the blacker ones are the players projected by the most sources. Simply hover over the pie piece and it will show you to whom that piece belongs.

It doesn't have the exact numbers from each source or the sources themselves, but rather a percentage. To see the specific numbers and sources for the Raiders' picks, take a look at our actual Raiders mock draft database.

To see the pie charts for every team at every pick, click here. You may just find it incredibly useful.