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Reggie McKenzie says Raiders DE Mario Edwards Jr neck issue could be genetic

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Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Neck injuries always require serious concern. So, when Raiders rookie second round pick Mario Edwards Jr went out with a neck injury late last season, it had many fearing the worst. Thus far, the status of that neck injury has not been known, while the big lingering question has been if it could be career threatening.

Tuesday Reggie McKenzie spoke at an tech event during Super Bowl 50 media days in San Jose. McKenzie said there are more tests to be done on Edwards' neck, but that tests so far have revealed an issue that is possibly genetic.

That is a potentially very scary thought. And injury is one thing, but if this if it's genetic, it's possible the issue could continue and would be career threatening. It is certainly an unpleasant thought, so I don't blame McKenzie for not wanting to go down that road just yet. As difficult as that might be.