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Donald Penn refers to self as 'Free Agent', removes all sign of Raiders from social media

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If you wanted a sign that Donald Penn doesn't think he'll be back with the Raiders, you need only look at his social media accounts. The starting left tackle in Oakland the past two seasons has removed all signs of the Raiders from both his Twitter bio as well as his Instagram bio.

His Twitter bio reads:

"St. Bernard HS 97-01 Utah State Football 01-06 NFL Pro Bowler 10YR VET #BLESSED Hard work pays off trust me I know. Be very blessed n thankful n keep grinding CALI BORN & RAISED & LIVIN"

His avi, which was of him in his Raiders uniform on the field, is now of him sitting in his car sporting a black LA Dodgers cap.

Donald Penn

The same pic is now used for his Instagram account with the bio reading:

"Official Page of Free Agent Pro Bowl LT Donald Penn."

No Raiders anywhere. Replaced instead with 'Free Agent'.

Just two weeks ago Penn told CSN California that he hadn't heard from the Raiders since the season had ended which was more than a month without contact. Now he must prepare for the possibility of hitting the free agent market which opens just over two weeks from now on March 9.

"I'm really disappointed, and I'm starting to look at other opportunities," Penn said two weeks ago. "As a man and a player, we have to start looking at other things. Me and my agent are starting to put together a group of teams that need a left tackle and things like that.

"We'll see what happens next. I did everything I could. I had two great seasons, two of the best of my career. You know, it's a great time to be a free agent for me."

I noted at the time that Penn sounded a lot like Jared Veldheer when his rookie contract was up and he wanted to return to the Raiders. He too was frustrated with the team cutting off contact, ultimately allowing him to walk as a free agent.

It's interesting now two years later, with the man who was eventually signed to fill the void left by Veldheer's departure experiencing the exact same treatment. And with Penn having grown up a Raiders fan in Los Angeles, no one should be questioning Penn when he says he wants to return to the team.

The 33-year-old left tackle now labeling himself a Free Agent and removing all semblance of the Raiders from his bios is the cyberspace equivalent of cleaning out his locker. It would appear both he and the Raiders are preparing to part ways.