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Most commonly projected Raiders draft pick doesn't fit Jack Del Rio's definition of "clean pick"

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There are a lot of mock drafts out there. We have a constantly updated mock draft database here and currently the most commonly projected pick for the Raiders at 14th overall is Clemson cornerback MacKensie Alexander.

Alexander has shown great talent, but after two seasons at Clemson, he doesn't have a single interception to his name. It has been pointed out that there has never been a cornerback drafted who didn't have a single interception at the college level, let alone chosen in the top half of the first round.

This is a fact that Mike Mayock pointed out this week when he spoke of who he saw the Raiders drafting with their first pick. And it's for that reason the Mel Kiper has the Raiders passing on Alexander for Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple in his mock draft.

When you are talking about picks as high at 14 overall, there should be players available who check all the boxes as to what a team looks for in a top pick. To have agreement in the ‘war room', Jack Del Rio knows what those boxes are as he pointed out in his scouting combine press conference.

"It's easier for all of us when the talent is obvious, when the production is there, when the all the character issues are answered, that makes for a clean pick," said Del Rio. "That makes for more of a consensus selection. If you don't have some of those things, some of those things have to be answered and each team will go through and have to decide what's right for them and find a spot for them on the board."

Alexander gained notoriety as a lock down corner for the Clemson Tigers who won the ACC and played in the National Championship , losing 45-40 to Alabama.

Another player who fits into this category is Mississipi defensive end Robert Nkemdiche who had just 6.0 sacks over three seasons, and never more than 3.0 sacks in a season. He too has been projected to the Raiders in several mock drafts including Pro Football Focus and's Bucky Brooks until his most recent mock where he changed his projection to...wait for it...Mackensie Alexander.

Prospects like these make for a tough call for any NFL team looking to add talent, especially at the cornerback position, as the Raiders will be hoping to do. If the Raiders were to select Alexander, they would may have to pass up other ‘clean picks' to do it.