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2016 NFL salary cap carryover amounts: Raiders with over $13 million in unused cap carryover

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With the official announcement of the 2016 salary cap just days away, the NFLPA has announced the 2016 unused salary cap carryover. And as expected the Raiders will carry over $13 million to their salary cap -- $13,373,617 to be exact -- which is the amount they left unspent from their 2015 salary cap space.

The Raiders don't have the most salary cap carryover in the NFL. That honor goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars who carry over more than $32 million. That carryover is why the Raiders, even with an expected $75 million to spend under the cap are still second behind the Jaguars.

Other teams with more cap carryover are the 49ers and Browns who have over $20 million each.

Here is the full list of teams and how much cap carryover they have:

Arizona Cardinals $3,031,663
Atlanta Falcons $3,905,771
Baltimore Ravens $1,633,944
Buffalo Bills $4,467,331
Carolina Panthers $3,731,200
Chicago Bears $867,589
Cincinnati Bengals $7,587,902
Cleveland Browns $20,734,144
Dallas Cowboys $3,571,239
Denver Broncos $3,300,000
Detroit Lions $862,191
Green Bay Packers $6,953,847
Houston Texans $1,637,055
Indianapolis Colts $4,950,629
Jacksonville Jaguars $32,774,928
Kansas City Chiefs $2,622,838
Los Angeles Rams $933,521
Miami Dolphins $9,137,544
Minnesota Vikings $2,090,409
New England Patriots $1,347,882
New Orleans Saints $1,400,000
New York Giants $11,193,231
New York Jets $2,484,216
Oakland Raiders $13,373,617
Philadelphia Eagles $7,255,362
Pittsburgh Steelers $3,000,327
San Diego Chargers $2,287,176
San Francisco 49ers $12,206,686
Seattle Seahawks $11,587
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $7,987,748
Tennessee Titans $20,783,801
Washington Redskins $5,837,734