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NFL Salary cap 2016 set at over $155 million: How much cap space Raiders have

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Each of the 32 NFL teams have been notified of the 2016 salary cap. It is to be set at $155.27 million, a rise of more than $12 million from the 2015 cap, as confirmed by the NFLPA. That means we can now make a more accurate estimation of cap space available, as opposed to just projections.

The Raiders, for instance, currently come in at $74.5 million under that salary cap. That includes the approximately $13 million in unused carry over cap from 2015.

That amount is second only to the Jaguars who have just over $80 million to spend under the cap. They have $32 million in unused carry over cap from 2015.

In order to reach the salary cap floor, the Raiders would need to spend around $42 million according to rough projections from the NFLPA. Keep in mind, that's in cash spent, not money against the cap, which means it includes prorated signing bonuses, and does not include any dead money, of which the Raiders only have about $420k. That cap floor should be relatively easy to reach, should the Raiders be as aggressive in free agency as they're expected to be.