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NFL Honors 2016: Khalil Mack gets no votes as JJ Watt takes Defensive Player of the Year

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite making history as the only ever player named All Pro at two different positions, Khalil Mack got no love from AP voters for Defensive Player of the Year. Taking home the honor for the third consecutive year was Texans pass rusher JJ Watt.

Last year Watt was the unanimous selection, receiving all 50 AP votes. This year Watt received 37 of 50 votes with Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald receiving 7 votes, Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly getting 4 votes, and Panthers cornerback Josh Norman pulling in two as well.

How Mack, who right up until the final game of the season, led the NFL in sacks (15.5) and finished second behind only Watt (17.0) wouldn't receive a single vote is rather odd, really. Then again, it was odd this time last year when he was third in the voting for Rookie of the Year behind Aaron Donald and Ravens linebacker CJ Mosley.

You have to think with three of the four vote getters being on playoff teams, and two of them in the Super Bowl that may have had something to do with the voting results.