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Super Bowl 50 commercials: Kids say 'I can do that' with Nintendo Pokemon 20th anniversary

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The commercial starts out looking like a commercial for a sports equipment/apparel company such as Nike or Adidas, but soon we find it's not for anything like that. It's Pokemon! Or rather Nintendo for Pokemon. Which in some ways is the anti-sports equipment.

You see, Pokemon is celebrating its 20th anniversary and Nintendo is marking the occasion by asking fans to use #Pokemon20 on Twitter and facebook or go to to share their favorite Pokemon memories.

Nintendo and Pokemon tells kids to 'Train on' for... something. I suppose it's vague by design. More of a general statement to inspire kids to have confidence in whatever they do. Let's go with that.

They should have made the characters more accurate though, by having their only dialogue just saying their own name over and over. That way kids watching know exactly which characters' toys/games/merchandise to have a meltdown about in the middle of Target.