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Super Bowl 50 commercials: Kevin Hart in Hyundai 'First date'

Do you have no faith in your daughter's judgment, intelligence, or self respect? Then Hyundai has the solution. As Kevin Hart demonstrates, just have that little scamp go on her first date in your Hyundai with car finder and you can stalk her and her unsuspecting handsy teenage sex monster date wherever they go.

This technique will ensure nothing unsavory is going on. And hilarity will surely ensue.

OR, if you prefer you can use Hyundai Elantra's remote start function, in case, for instance, bears are chasing after you and you don't have the time to start your vehicle without being hugged and/or eaten and/or what happened to Leonardo DiCapprio in The Revenant. Unless you're into that kind of thing, in which case, this remote start function may not be of much use to you.

If stalking your daughter or escaping bears is not among your priorities, how about a whole village of Ryan Reynolds? Whatever your car needs are, Hyundai is there for you.