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Super Bowl 50 Commercials: Amazon Echo reminds Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino of their failings

The Amazon Echo may be pretty cool, but only if it's used as a weapon for good. In that regard, its application in this commercial is a cautionary tale of how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Just when the party's bangin', Alec Baldwin tells his Amazon Echo to silence itself because everyone is just too happy. He then reveals an untouched Super Bowl stadium replica filled with food, presumably to taunt party guests. Dan Marino digs into the feast because he's Dan f--king Marino, but the ingrate feels the need to shame Baldwin for his breaded buffalo wings. In response, Baldwin gets all catty and uses Echo for a bush league move, asking how many Super Bowls Marino won. It says zero.

Marino fires back, asking how many Oscars Baldwin has won. Echo says none.

That's when Jason Schwartzman joins in and gangs up on Marino, hurling what looks to be a bun at him, defending Baldwin's honor. Missy Elliott is there too as if she just wandered onto set and they figured they may as well use her.

If you're thinking that sounds like some weird dream I had last night which I tried unsuccessfully to explain to you, welcome to the bizarro world of Super Bowl commercials.