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Rival Report 2/8: Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 Champions

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After coming oh so close several years in a row the Denver Broncos have finally gotten over the hump. They are the 2015 Super Bowl champions after defeating the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in a defensive slugfest. That means that in Peyton Manning's likely, but not yet officially, final year he gets to win a ring just like John Elway did back in the 90's for these same Broncos.

As much attention as Peyton Manning is getting for his 2nd Super Bowl victory for his impressive resume, he really was not at all the reason for the victory. It was all about the defense of the Broncos as they harassed Cam Newton and the Panthers all day long. Their star outside linebacker Von Miller was the Super Bowl MVP this year thanks to his dominating performance that featured two sack, fumble from Cam Newton.

One of those fumbles was recovered in the endzone for a touchdown and one was recovered inside the 10 which lead to a touchdown. It was yet another great performance from Von who becomes a free agent in just a couple of months so you can bet that he will be getting some extra money from what he accomplished yesterday.

Even though it pains me to say it because I hate the Broncos, I do congratulate them on their great season and Super Bowl victory. Now I just hope Peyton Manning really does retire because I have followed his career as a fan of football and would really enjoy that he got to retire a Super Bowl champion. I won't enjoy it quite as much as I enjoyed watching Eli Manning's response to that 2nd Super Bowl victory for big brother Peyton though!

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