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Raiders Free Agency 2016 wish list big board tracker: Best of what's left

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A lot of big names were signed on day one, but day two brings a new dawn and plenty of players still to find homes. Some of whom could find a home in Oakland.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Day one is done and just like last year, it seemed like more happened before the official opening of free agency than after the start of the league year. The big board has been decimated since it was first constructed with 30 names on it. Since then 18 names have come off, three added, and two signing with the Raiders.

Here is the remainder of the list of likely target free agents still out there. The order is a combination of the player's worth on the market as well as the Raiders potential interest. Just as before, I will update the list as the day goes along to reflect where players are headed. Those moves will probably start happening very shortly.

As before, you can keep up with all pertinent free agent movement chronologically in the Raiders Free Agency rumor tracker.

1. Sean Smith, CB, Chiefs (signed by Raiders)

2. Eric Weddle, S, Chargers (signed with Ravens)
3. Jerrell Freeman, ILB, Colts(signed by Bears)

4. Russell Okung, OT, Seahawks

5. Prince Amukamara, CB, Giants (signs with the Jaguars)
6. Casey Hayward, CB, Packers (signed with the Chargers)

7. Chris Long, DE, Rams

8. Bilal Powell, RB, Jets (staying with the Jets)

9. Donald Penn, OT, Raiders
10. Patrick Robinson, CB, Chargers
11. Brandon Boykin, CB, Steelers

12. Nolan Carroll, CB, Eagles (re-signed with the Eagles)

13. Rashad Johnson, S, Cardinals
14. Jahri Evans, G, Saints
15. Mike Wallace, WR, Vikings