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Bruce Irvin already trying to lure Eric Weddle to Oakland

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Irvin is on board in Oakland. And he has already taken the recruiter mantel.

There's a free agent party happening in Oakland and newly signed linebacker, Bruce Irvin, wants Eric Weddle to show up. Like, now. He took to Twitter to do a little recruiting of the 2-time All Pro safety.

Update: Then, as if he read this article, he kept the recruiting going a bit later.

Irvin is a pass rushing outside linebacker and Weddle is a defensive back, so they could help each other on the defense. The 31-year-old safety says he has at least 3 years left in him.

The idea of Weddle coming to the Raiders isn't random. Weddle put the Raiders among his short list of teams he would be interested in joining this offseason and reports suggest the Raiders have mutual interest and have a vacancy at safety after Charles Woodson's retirement.

Also helping the possibility of Weddle coming to Oakland is his former Utah teammate Sean Smith just signed with the Raiders and the two have the same agent.

But Weddle must do is due diligence first. Raiders fans likely share Irvin's eager anticipation.