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Eric Weddle following potential Raider teammates on Twitter

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Eric Weddle just followed two Raiders on Twitter. Is this a sign of things to come?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the news broke on Twitter by people who pay attention to such things that Sean Smith was following Khalil Mack and the newest Oakland Raider, Bruce Irvin on Twitter. It's noteworthy because oftentimes players will give away who they're going to sign with by what other players they begin to follow on social media.

Smith waited until three in the morning to sign on the dotted line, but sign he did, joining his new Twitter mates.

Irvin himself is an exception to this, as he apparently trolled everyone by following several Jacksonville media types before signing with the Raiders. Since signing in Oakland, he has immediately set out to aid in the recruitment of the Raiders' main free agent targets, including free agent safety Eric Weddle.

Weddle, as you can see here, has two brand new guys he's following on Twitter: Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin, who has been in contact with Weddle on social media today. Mack and Irvin following Weddle would be one thing, but Weddle reciprocating by following them back could be good news for Raider fans.

Within the last hour, Weddle responded thusly to Bruce Irvin's pleas to join him in Oakland:

Obviously Weddle isn't going to cost himself money on Twitter by giving away his preferences, but the fact that he is following both Mack and Irvin is certainly telling.

Previously, our own Levi Damien (who is NOT me you smart alecks) wrote about Bruce Irvin's efforts to get Weddle on the Raiders as well as the fact that Weddle himself feels Oakland would be a good landing spot for him. Stay tuned to Silver and Black Pride for the latest news on Eric Weddle and any other free agent rumblings!