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Where Kelechi Osemele will line up depends on rest of Raiders free agency plans

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The big question when the Raiders went after offensive lineman Keleche Osemele in free agency was whether it was as a guard or a tackle. He says that has yet to be decided and depends wholly on what the team does to address the offensive line the rest of free agency.

"It definitely is going to predicated on how the rest of Free Agency turns out," said Osemele. "I've played both positions, I can both at a considerably high level, I'm comfortable with either. So, whatever position I have to play to help us win games, that's where I'm gonna be at."

Where Osemele plays has also led to the question of whether the Raiders would bring back left tackle Donald Penn. If they should bring him back, it seems logical Osemele would line up at guard. If not, then Osemele's big contract and previous experience at tackle would suggest he is in the team's plans at left tackle.

He began his NFL career at right tackle as a rookie, played guard most of the last three seasons before filling in at left tackle late last season. His performance at left tackle is part of what made him such an attractive free agent for the Raiders.

"I think I played really well," Osemele said of his time at left tackle. "I think I walked guys down, didn't allow sacks, kept my quarterback clean, and I felt good out there. It felt just like college. It was fun, it was challenging to be able to show that off a little bit, so that felt good."

Aside from Penn, the other option out there is former Seahawks tackle Russell Okung. Guard options appear slimmer, with the likes of former Saints guard Jahri Evans as the top name.